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What a riot

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When asked about her subjects for this year, Nikki says:

"Japanese, Biology, Math, English, Economics. Really boring subs, lol. I wish we could have taken six, maybe even seven. But obviously, they don't think us capable of handling an extra subject, even though the stakes would be higher if we were to fail one of the five than one of the six!"

Stupid idiots. Gr.

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On January 22nd, 2007 06:54 am (UTC), lostpanda7 commented:
Wowee. I totally forgot about this comm.
Looking back, I think five subjects is an okay number. If only they taught us more! But that's not really the teachers fault, since classes are so disruptive.

I don't really think I could handle 7 exams. I couldn't even study for all of mine properly this year! Maybe I should start earlier, neh? XD
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